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The secret weapon of successful people is not the ability to work hard 12hours a day!

We give you more time to focus on growing your business by completing the little tasks that take up your time and focus. You should NOT be: scheduling meetings, paying bills, booking travel, entering data, updating spreadsheets, collecting data, moving data, social media posting, researching keywords, email broadcasting, providing customer support or any type of admin jobs you can think of! You should be focusing on growing your business!

Hiring part-time or full-time staff is expensive and the ability to micro-manage using a Virtual Assistant (VA) will save your business money that is best spent in other areas to grow your business. Get your Operations running smoothly using a VA and watch your business grow without you suffering from all the stress.

As our Client you get your very own VA — a smart, highly trained professional, who works with total flexibility. You delegate tasks and your VA has total focus on them. We are detail oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance. All of our VA’s go through a process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness.

The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

partner with a Virtual Assistant

Smart, Reliable, Personable Virtual Assistants

Get started by having your VA set up meetings, manage your busy schedule and streamline all the information that pours into your inbox. We Love Administration Our talented group enjoy the flexible lifestyle that comes with being a Virtual Assistant. They have years of Executive Assistant and/or Personal Assistant experience behind them, they are quick learners and know how to get tasks done to meet deadlines.

How We Work

We’ll request details of your business/personal requirements and match you up with a VA who has the right skill set. We match the right personality and availability you need, then get your VA working with you ASAP. Simple as that. Our VA’s work remotely, and can do any task you require, provided they have the information and software (where applicable) available to them online. Applications like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skype mean that you’ll barely notice your VA is not there next to you. Your tasks will be done on time you only ever pay for the hours your VA actually works. No need to worry about break times, superannuation, income tax or insurance or anything else! Finally will increase your staffing levels without all the stress and expense.

Do I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

All our Virtual Assistants have vast experience in VA/PA roles and are fast learners so don’t be surprised if they catch on faster than you expect. Our VA’s are experienced with situations where Clients find it hard to delegate or to let go……… will feel at ease with our culture and the manner in which we get things done. We are flexible and always do our best to provide a good fit for your organisation and culture. You may even learn a thing or too about staying focused on your goals and setting priorities. 

        specialist virtual assistants

Our Social Media Services

Social Media is a specialty too. Need to keep your business buzzing along on Facebook and/or other Social Media? No problem! Social Media can be overwhelming and get you bogged down with focusing on things that waste your time. It’s time to turn the tables on Social Media and use it to grow your Brand without you thinking about it. We can get Social Media content done for you, every single day so you can focus on what you are good at. Some have a Love Hate relationshipe with Social Media, some don’t want to deal with it at all.
With our daily posting service you’ll get fresh, relevant content posted to your social media accounts every day. Engaging your social media community 24/7 with unique content, including articles, images and videos. Our Social Profile Optimization will maximize your visibility. We’ll review your Social Media profiles to ensure they’re complete and to make it easier for existing and prospective customers to find you online.
We will post a variety of content specifically selected for your business to create the best Facebook and Twitter posts, all of which will work to demonstrate your expertise, appeal to your market andcreate interest within your social media followers. This approach is flexible and our posts will grow in a direction that your social environment grows. We are always looking at new ways to get your message across. This comes second nature to our Social Media Posting Specialists who know what works and what suits your brand.
As well as creating a presence, we recognize that ongoing promotion of your products and services is paramount if you are to grow your business. We have years of experience in Social Media Marketing and know the right balance of self-promotion on Social Media. We post links on your Social Media pages to get people clicking through to your site to learn more about what you offer. We aim to create a value proposition in the mind of your existing andprospective customers.

  our reputation


I have been using the VA service on a monthly basis for 2 months now. I didn’t realise how much time I was spending on operations and tasks that I was addicted to doing but were really easy to outsource. My VA has a great personality and is always there when I need her. She has even shown me some more efficient ways of doing things such as scheduling and travel booking online. I have decided to keep her on a monthly basis. It is also really convenient not having those recruiting and training headaches as this VA hit the ground running. This was definately the best business decision I made this year!
John Turner

Wellington, New Zealand

We have been overstaffed for some time in our business so we restructured, probably cutting too many staff. I found it demanding on running our operations and customer relations without the full time staff. However we have saved so much from our HR Budget by using you VA’s so we have released funding for a more aggressive paid marketing program which fits in with our business model. Basically using a VA gives you the flexibility you need in order to get your business heading in the right direction. Especially when you find most of you time is released to work on planning.
Alexander Rios

London, United Kingdom

We use the VA service to increase our personal during peak demand periods. This boosts our level of customer service and maximizes our delivery potential. Our customer service team found it easy to brief our VA’s who are smart, experienced and have a great work ethic. The flexibility of boosting staff from month to month is now a valuable strategy for our business going forward. To be honest the three VA’s we have worked with a more efficiency than our full time support staff and we can bring in an extra 3 per month our sales increase and we have more funding for online marketing.
Johnny Cable

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Live the Virtual Assistant Lifestyle We have years of experience in placing our Virtual Assistants world wide. We know the problems you are having before you even mention them, so do our VA’s.

Now you have your one stop shop solution to boosting resource levels without having to hire and fire staff and without the cost of full time and part time employees.

Contact us to begin your new journey without all the stress.

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